Beauty can change your life.

That’s a bold statement, but one that has been proven true by countless people.

In this e-book, you’ll meet three very different people—a priest, a ballerina, and a body builder—who all have one thing in common: Their lives were changed because they encountered the beauty of a transcendent God.

They found freedom, inner healing, peace, and strength in ways they never imagined.

In this free download, you’ll learn:

  • How beauty can help you heal from the wounds of pornography
  • How to have a redeemed vision and a sacramental approach to sexuality
  • How we are called to be craftsmen in making beautiful things
  • What asceticism is and how it can build up our bodies
  • The body’s role in seeing beauty and getting us to heaven

Download Transformed by Beauty for free today!  

Co-Authored by Amanda Zurface, J.C.L. and The Catholic Gentleman’s Sam Guzman

Download "Transformed by Beauty" now!